TheraGlio - developing theranostics for gliomas.

Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico "Carlo Besta" - INNCB
Project Coordinator

As an autonomous and juridical entity, the IRCCS Foundation Istituto Neurologico "Carlo Besta" is a national public body whose mission is to pursue excellence in research - mainly clinical and translational - in the biomedical field while managing health services by providing high quality care and treatment. The Institute takes a leading role in the development of national strategies for neurology and neuroscience, and is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence for the study of the basic mechanism of neurological diseases. The Fondazione participates with 1) the Department of Neurosurgery and 2) the NanoMedicine laboratory.
The Department of Neurosurgery is an internationally recognized Italian Tertiary referral centre for the treatment of complex CNS neoplasms. The Department of Neurosurgery at INCCB treats over 1000 brain tumours per year and has a solid experience in management of all kind of brain tumours including high-grade gliomas. Unit 1 is specifically involved in brain tumour clinical activity and research, collaborating in several international multicentre CTs. Unit 1 is endowed with state of the art neurosurgical equipment including 4 fully equipped operating rooms, 3 neuronavigators, 1 Ultrasound neuronavigator, 2 sterotactic frames.
The NanoMedicine laboratory (NM) is a new funded research laboratory within Fondazione Istituto Neurologico "Carlo Besta". The aim of the NM lab is to translate in close collaboration with clinicians nanomaterial based solutions for improved imaging as well as novel and innovative drugs or targeted drug delivery systems into sophisticated treatments for brain-related diseases. The lab is situated on the IFOM-IEO-campus which is dedicated to provide different service facilities such as a well-equipped imaging facility (two-photon microscope, confocal microscopes, epifluorescence microscopes), a cell culture facility (human cell room, animal and cell cultures room etc.), as well as an electron microscopy facility. In the NM lab the relevant equipment for nanoparticle preparation and characterization is available: Malvern zeta-sizer for measurements of size and surface charge, centrifuge and access to ultracentrifuge, spectrophotometer for particle quantification, and a fully equipped wet chemistry lab.

Main tasks attributed to the organisation: INNCB Neurosurgery unit will be involved in: 1) Coordinating the whole study; 2) Participating in designing and conduction of Phase 1 dose escalating trial; 3) Participating in designing and conduction of Phase 2 trial. The task of the NM lab within this project is to prepare and incorporate the multifunctional nanoparticles by layer-wise deposition of biodegradable polymers and the different functional units (target, drug, fluorophore) on solid cores (SPIONs).