TheraGlio - developing theranostics for gliomas.

Camelot Biomedical System S.r.l.

CAMELOT (Computerized Analysis of MEdical data through Learning and Optimization Technologies) Biomedical Systems Srl (CAMELOT) acts in the market of diagnostic and intra-operative medical imaging, developing advanced quantification tools that help clinicians and radiologists make faster and more accurate decisions for diagnosis and therapy. The company commercializes its solutions both as stand-alone products and as modules for OEM integration into products from other partner vendors. The core strengths of our products are their high-grade flexibility, reliability and efficiency, achieved through the use of innovative, proprietary computational techniques, named LIME, which allows a fast development of new products. From the algorithmic point of view, the software that we develop are based on machine learning techniques for analyzing large amounts of data and techniques for automatic image analysis, two areas in which CAMELOT has a deep know-how thanks to a staff with a high level of training.

Main tasks attributed to the organisation: Camelot will support R&D activities in WP1, by developing new image fusion algorithms and methods to combine both standard and molecular MRI (pre-operative), US and microscopic (intra-operative) images. Camelot will focus on automatic image registration and fusion, with specific attention to handle image deformation for compensating brain shift effects during surgery.