TheraGlio - developing theranostics for gliomas.

CFc S.r.l.

CF consulting Srl (CFc) is a SME composed in majority by women involved in research programmes, technological, environmental, financial, training and cultural issues, and innovation policies relevant at national and European level. CFc is based in Milan and in Bruxelles. CFc team gathers 12 consultants with complementary experience or training to innovation management. The company offers scientific, legal, economical, statistical and engineering competences, in order to give a concrete and complete support to: organization of training activities (courses, seminars and cross-sectional training academia-industry); organization of project meetings and workshop; market analysis and business plan definition; support to transfer of knowledge within and outside consortia; dissemination process targeted to economic authorities and politicians and public aimed to enlarge the awareness at European level on the project's results; design, implementation and maintenance of project's web sites; knowledge management and quality assurance, in order to ensure the proper information availability for all partners and the correct activities' progression. In particular, the creation of documentation aimed to describe research project flow, activities' correlations, milestones & deliverables.

Main tasks attributed to the organisation: in the frame of WP (Management) P10-CFc will support the Coordinator for the communication with the EC, the reporting activities, the verification of consistency of the project costs and the tasks performed, the maintenance of the Consortium Agreement and the harmonisation of procedures, through the creation of guidelines and common templates to be provided to the partners for carrying out their activities.