TheraGlio - developing theranostics for gliomas.

Esaote S.p.a.

ESAOTE SPA is one of the top ten biomedical companies in the world. It was founded and established on the Italian and international markets, concentrating its efforts on a selective focalized product/market strategy and continual investments in R&D (sector allocated with about 9% of the turnover). Today it is one of the world’s leading medical diagnostic systems producers, well established as Europe-based leading ultrasound manufacturer, internationally acknowledged as the world leader in dedicated MRI. ESAOTE Group is one of the main players in the IT for healthcare sector. On December 31st 2012 the ESAOTE Group consists of about 1350 employees, 40% of which working abroad. R&D employs about 260 technicians and cooperates with international research centres and universities. ESAOTE had a steady growth, achieving an amount of about 330 million euro net sales in 2012, with international sales equal to about 70% out of the total.

Main tasks attributed to the organisation: ESAOTE will be mainly involved in WP1, the integration of all tools developed by and with the partners, into a common advanced image-guided neurosurgical navigation platform, that could become a viable product to be shipped together with its US imaging systems. ESAOTE will also contribute to dissemination and exploitation, driving their output towards a result that maximizes chance of future technical and commercial success.